Project Highlight – Featured technology: Decanter Centrifuge System, Seria WTP

The Seria Water Treatment Plant receives raw water from the Badas Pumping Station and converts it to drinking water. The plant has been without a sludge treatment facilitiy and requires a design and built desludging facility which can be easily operated and maintained.

The dewatering system consist of 2 sludge thickeners and 2 units centrifuge decanters which are supplied and installed in the Water Treatment Plant

Project Details
Location: Seria WTP, Brunei
Plant Capacity: 45 MLD
Number of Sludge thickeners: 2 units
Number of Decanter Centrifuge: 2 units

Operation Philosophy of the Decanter Centrifuge System
The sludge collected in the sludge holding tank are sent to be thickened prior to delivery to the decanter centrifuge. Polymer is injected to be mixed before entering the decanter centrifuge for further dewatering.